Code of Practice


AWT Code of Practice, Policies and Procedures

The Code of Practice provides the base for good practice in marketing, client support, engagement with industry, quality assurance and the administration of education and training services to clients by Australian Workplace Training as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) (40037).  Australian Workplace Training complies and will continue to comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements as registered training organisations.


Provision of Information

AWT supplies accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to prospective students by supplying information on courses to students before they enter into enrolment and review regularly all information provided to students to ensure its accuracy, relevance and version control.



Clients are provided with information regarding financial and contractual arrangements prior to enrolment. Recruitment of students is conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner.  Offers of course placement are based on, an assessment of the extent to which the qualifications, proficiency and aspirations of the applicant are matched by the training opportunity offered through an interview process where a Language, Literacy and Numeracy indicator is conducted to ensure support services are put in place to assist the student to achieve.


Support Services

AWT will provide adequate protection for the health, safety, and welfare of students, without limiting the ordinary meaning of such expression; will include adequate and appropriate support services in terms of academic and personal counselling.


Continuous improvement

Australian Workplace Training has established quality systems with mechanisms in place to continually improve services including processes to obtain feedback from clients on their satisfaction with the service received.


Record Keeping

Client details are maintained with the strictest confidentiality. AWT maintains complete and accurate records of the attendance and progress of students, (The Trainers and Assessors are responsible to ensure training and assessments are recorded, and put forward to be filed) as well as financial records that reflect all payments and charges and the balance due, and provide copies of these records to students on receiving a written request.



All course costs are outline on our website ( and upon application. This cost depends on the course, level and qualification. All Students are to ensure they pay all course fees before qualifications are issued. Any difficulties you may be experiencing with finances may be discussed with the Finance Department (Refer Fees & Charges). Australian Workplace Training has a standard refund policy that is fair and equitable and is available to clients prior to enrolment.


Access & Equity

Australian Workplace Training will take a co-operative needs based approach, to both access and equity with staff and students with the delivery of their training, assessment and resources, and is committed to the principles of access and equity in the delivery of services. The obligations workplace on our staff and students are designed to protect their health, safety and welfare, and ensure as far as possible that the learning experiences is positive and free of discrimination or harassment. Our policies and procedures ensure clients are treated fairly and receive all reasonable assistance to successfully complete courses once accepted for enrolment.

Australian Workplace Training ensures that clients have access to a fair, equitable and inexpensive process for expediently dealing with grievances and provide an Avenue to students to appeal against decisions that affect their progress. Every effort is made to resolve grievances. Students are encouraged to follow the grievance procedure outlined in their student information Handbook.


Provision of Training and assessment services

Australian Workplace Training has policies and management practices that maintain high professional standards in the delivery of education, training and assessment services, and which safeguard the interest and welfare of clients. Australian Workplace Training has the capacity to deliver and assess the qualifications which they have been registered, provide appropriate facilities, and use methods and materials appropriate to the learning and assessment needs of clients.

Australian Workplace Training is committed to providing learning and assessment services that as far as possible meet Industry and individual learning needs. Thus, Australian Workplace Training regularly engages with industry to evaluate and validate training and assessment strategies and the service provided. When training or assessment occurs in the workplace, evidence of performance contributes to assessment.

Our staff engages with industry partners to ensure they maintain their own knowledge and skills, and to ensure that training and assessment strategies reflect industry practice. Staff are not only suitably qualified but are also sensitive to the cultural and learning needs of clients. AWT ensures that suitable qualified staff assesses the educational background of intending students. Professional development is required by all staff and participation is encouraged in maintaining their currency of the knowledge and skills.


Recognition Policy

Australian Workplace Training recognises both formal and informal learning. Australian Workplace Training offers recognition of prior learning (RPL) and credit transfer (CT) for all students.  Australian Workplace Training recognises all qualifications and statements of attainments of units issued by other registered training organisation. This recognition will be given on application and evidence as well as certificates and statements of attainments


Grievance / Complaints Policy & Procedure

AWT is committed to providing an environment, which is non-discriminatory, and in which staff and students as well as the public have their rights, dignity, privacy, and confidentiality valued and respected.

It is recognised that at times, differences will occur or decisions will be made with which individuals may be dissatisfied. To deal with the resulting conflict AWT has developed a grievance / complaint policy and procedure.