The Community Services sector includes children’s care, health care and youth work. All these sectors have undergone legislative changes in the past few years making some qualifications mandatory for employment. Learning at Australian Workplace Training is a mixture of industry relevant theory and a practical component.



Community Services

The whole community care sector includes the specialist areas as listed below and also includes volunteer organisations and emergency services.

Education Care Services

Education Care services includes Early Childhood Education & Care.
Early Childhood Education & Care includes working with children in Long day care, Kindergarten occasional care and Family day care.

Youth Work

Working with youth could entail working as a mentor or case manager as well as working or volunteering for a sporting organisation, church group, social organisation– anywhere where with under 18’s are in a supervised situation. Youth justice is where the youth have been directed by the justice system to be in the care and direction of authorised community and/or government agencies.

Health Care

This sector is growing at a faster pace than there are employees to fill gaps. It includes aged care, mental health, disability, and home & community support services. There are opportunities available for studying multiples areas: for example, Aged Care with Disability is a useful grouping which can assist employability.