Community Services covers a wide range of job opportunities including working with volunteers, working in a community centre, customer service officers … anywhere where you are the front line to the people seeking assistance, identify their needs and refer them to a specialist provider. Note that this is different from customer services.

Australian Workplace Training offers four qualifications in Community Services. The Certificate II should be seen as pre-vocational with no real vocational outcomes available from industry. As such they are ideal for VET in Schools. The Certificate III is really the minimum required for working in the community sector. These courses allow a breadth of study without specialisation, however, if you know what your specialisation is going to be you should apply for one of our health care, children’s services  or youth work courses.

The Diploma of courses reflects the skills required for a middle management position primarily involved in coordinating the resources of a service. For example, you may be the coordinator of volunteers, a team leader or supervisor of other workers in a community service organisation.