The community services sector assists and supports individuals, families and communities in need, contributing to the well-being and quality of life of these Australians.

Work in the community services industry reflects a complex inter-relationship of duty of care, ethical behaviours, personal values, service delivery standards, and methodologies. It involves:

  • working with individuals, the family, groups and the community
  • focusing on community benefits including maximising community development
  • working with people with disabilities
  • working successfully with cultural diversity including:
    • females and males across a range of age groups
    • people from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds
    • Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people
    • people with mental and other health issues, and those with developmental differences

There is a crossover of skills throughout the Health Care Services Industry and, as such, a combination of qualifications can cover a range of employment outcomes.

Australian Workplace Training has been successfully delivering training in Health Care Services since 2000.

In all circumstances, students must successfully produce a Police Clearance/DCSI/DHS Screening in order to access the practical work placement requirements of these courses.