External study is an ideal option for those students who find it difficult to attend regular classes – whether this is because of work commitments, the tyranny of distance or other reasons.

Most courses are offered in an external mode:

  • You will need to attend our campus for the enrolment process
  • You are allocated a trainer who will monitor all your studies and who is available by email, phone or in person via appointment
  • Theory assessments are generally questions and projects
  • The e-learning portal is easy to use or if you don’t have a computer, external studies are offered via post (additional postage fees apply)

All courses still have a practical and work placement requirement and we encourage external students to become involved in the industry sector for which they are studying – for example, if studying an Aged Care related course, it is probably a good idea to volunteer some time at a local aged care facility. Similarly with Early Childhood Services, find a local child care centre or OSCH service and volunteer some time. Nevertheless, we will work with you to arrange a work placement when the time arrives. However, if you have a particular place you would like to get into please approach them and once arranged, contact your Trainer for the Work placement documentation and insurance papers.