Course Fee Information

This page contains all of our course fee’s.

Should you require guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to a Australian Workplace Training (AWT) representative at, who can assist you in making your selection.

In some courses, there will be incidental charges for optional items like work placement items, police clearances, and anything that becomes the student’s property.

The student generally pays for these items.

Work Placement Badge:

Students completing a work placement are asked to purchase a work placement badge.
We ask that the badge is worn for the duration of the work placement.

Students completing a course from the Community Services package will need to acquire a clearance prior to attending their placement.
Students who will be working with children are required to obtain a Working With Children Check (WWCC) from DHS.
Student’s who will not be working with children’s will need a screening check for one or more of the client types they will work with on placement (and future employment in industry).

To be eligible for the student concession fee offered by DHS, AWT will need to commence the application process for the student. Application forms are available from our Elizabeth office.
Current costs can be found online at the following web address:
DHS Screening Checks and costs –

Replacement Units/Workbooks:
If during your course you require a replacement workbook or unit one can be purchased for an additional fee.
This may be the case if the student loses their workbook, or it becomes ruined/damaged.
A replacement unit fee may also apply when a student changes from one study mode to another and would like an already issued unit re-issued in the new study mode.

Replacement Certificate/Parchment:
If one or more of your certificates are lost, stolen or damaged, and you would like a new one you will nee to provide a statutory declaration stating what happened to your certificate and you will be changed the replacement certificate fee (per certificate)

Academic Transcripts:
Students wishing to have an Academic Transcript created for them listing their current results for each unit of competency can do so and will be charged the Academic Transcript fee. This fee will need to be paid when submitting the request for an Academic Transcript.

Student Letters:
If a student requires a letter for their own records or their employer, Centrelink or other party this can be arranged.
Students wishing to purchase a letter will be changed the an admin fee upon application for a student letter
(These letters are in addition to the confirmation of enrolment letter students are provided at the end of their enrolment process)

Postage of Certificates:
If you would like a certificate posted out to you this can be arranged and you will be charged the postage fee (*surface mail only).
Express and registered post is available and the cost for this is determined by the size/weight of the items to be posted).

Postage of other items:
If student would like workbooks or other items posted out to them rather than collecting from our site/s this can be arranged.
Items posted will be charged according to the type of postage requested (parcel/express post) and the weight/dimensions of the items.

Incidental Fee Summary
Work placement Badge: $6.00 each
Replacement Units: $25 per unit/workbook
Replacement Certificate/Parchment: $50 per certificate
Academic Transcripts: $50.00 per transcript
Student Letters: $20.00 per letter
Postage of Certificate: $10 each *(surface mail)
Postage of other items: Postage determined on weight of items to be posted

To learn more about funding see below:

Visit our South Australia funding page for a detailed breakdown of eligibility & how we work with you to access this. Alternatively click this link to the government eligibility website or get in touch. 


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