TLILIC0003 - Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck

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Weekday Course: Two full days

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Full Fee: $395


Unlock your potential in the world of logistics and materials handling with our TLILIC0003 course, designed to equip you with the essential skills to operate a forklift truck safely and efficiently. This comprehensive training program covers a range of critical topics to ensure that you not only meet the necessary licensing requirements but also become a competent and responsible forklift operator.


Course Structure:
  1. Legislation: Gain a deep understanding of the relevant legislation governing forklift operations. Learn about legal requirements and compliance standards to ensure your operations align with industry regulations.

  2. Regulations: Explore the regulations associated with forklift truck operations. Understand the specific rules and guidelines that must be followed to maintain a safe and productive working environment.

  3. Employer’s Responsibilities: Delve into the responsibilities of employers in creating a safe workplace for forklift operations. Understand the crucial role employers play in ensuring compliance with regulations and providing necessary resources.

  4. Employee’s Responsibilities: Learn about the responsibilities of forklift operators. From conducting pre-operational inspections to following safe work practices, understand the key role employees play in maintaining a secure work environment.

  5. Pre-operational Inspections: Acquire practical skills in conducting pre-operational inspections. Understand the importance of systematically checking the forklift’s components and functions before operation.

  6. Principles of Operation: Explore the fundamental principles of forklift operation. Gain insights into the correct techniques for maneuvering the vehicle, lifting loads, and handling materials safely.

  7. Hazards: Identify and assess potential hazards associated with forklift operations. Learn to recognize and mitigate risks to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

  8. Data Plates: Understand the significance of data plates on forklifts. Learn how to interpret information on data plates to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  9. Safe Working Distances: Explore the concept of safe working distances when operating a forklift. Understand the importance of maintaining proper distances to prevent collisions and accidents.

  10. Load Centres: Learn about load centers and their impact on forklift stability. Understand how different load placements can affect the balance and safety of the forklift.

  11. Pedestrians: Gain awareness of the interaction between forklifts and pedestrians. Understand best practices for ensuring the safety of individuals working around forklift operations.

  12. Load Shift: Explore techniques to handle load shifts safely. Learn how to manage the stability of loads during lifting, lowering, and transporting.

  13. Uneven Ground: Understand the challenges posed by uneven ground surfaces. Learn how to navigate and operate a forklift safely on varied terrains.

  14. Stability Triangles: Delve into the concept of stability triangles in forklift operations. Understand how the distribution of weight impacts the stability of the vehicle.

  15. Visibility: Learn strategies to enhance visibility during forklift operations. Understand the importance of maintaining clear lines of sight for safe maneuvering.

  16. Rear End Swing: Explore the concept of rear-end swing in forklifts. Understand how to manage and account for the rear movement of the vehicle during turns.

  17. Ramps: Gain the skills to safely operate a forklift on ramps. Learn about the challenges posed by inclines and how to navigate them effectively.

This course is for all persons with little or no operating experience.
Participants must be over 18, as well as provide photo ID and evidence of their residential address.

Pre-course Requirements:
Students are required to book into the course by coming into the AWT office in Elizabeth.
The booking can be finalised and the place in the course secured by paying the relevant course fee and collecting the pre-course workbook.
Students are asked to read through the workbook and answer the pre-course questions prior to attending the course (there will be an additional cost for posting out pre-course learning material).

If a verbal assessment is required there will be an additional cost of $150 per person.

Due to limited number of places available on each course, tentative (unpaid) bookings do not secure your place in the course.
To secure your place in a course payment of the course fees (or receipt of a company purchase order) and collection of the pre-course material is required.

SafeWork SA requirements:
Once successfully completing the training students have 60 days to apply for their High Risk Work LF licence.
When submitting the licensing paperwork to Services SA, students are required to show an Australian photo ID.

All participants successfully completing the written and operational assessment will receive a “Notice of Satisfactory Assessment”.
Successful participants will also receive a Tax Invoice which must be used to apply for the “Licence to Perform High Risk Work.”
Participants will then need to take their Forklift Tax Invoice and 100 points of ID (including an Australian Photo ID) to Services SA or a Post Office to pay their licence fees and have their photo taken to obtain their High Risk Forklift Licence.
The High Risk Forklift Licence is posted out to each individual by Safework SA.

Further information:
For students who were not born in Australia we ask that they bring along extra documentation when making their booking as we need to check that they can complete their study in Australia with AWT. Documents can include: Australian citizenship certificate, Australian or foreign passport, evidence of permanent residency or visa documentation

Course Cost: $395.00 per person

If a verbal assessment is required there will be an additional cost of $150 per person.

Due to limited number of places available on each course, tentative (unpaid) bookings do not secure your place in the course. To secure your place in a course payment of the course fees (or receipt of a company purchase order) and collection of the pre-course material is required.

Course Cancellations:
If for some reason you cannot attend the training please contact us at least two (2) business days prior to your course where you will be able to cancel or transfer your booking.
If notification of cancellation is not received, or received less than two (2) days before the course start, students will incur a cancellation charge of $100.
This charge can be waived for medical or compassionate conditions if AWT is informed prior to the course with evidence and the student rebooks to the next available course.

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