Business Services

Our Business Services courses provide administrative, business and work health and safety qualifications that can be widely used across all industries.

About the Business Services Industry
The Business Services industry provides professional assistance to other organisations.
Assistance provided includes strategic, technical and operational advice, advertising services, recruitment services and administrative services.

The Business Services courses are among some of the most versatile courses available.

Successfully completing these courses can provide employment pathways into occupations including, but not limited to, general clerks, receptionists, office managers and program and project administrators.

Work Health and Safety
These courses can assist organisations and individuals in meeting their obligations to provide safe and healthy working conditions.
The sector is performing well in Australia due to a stronger focus on safer working conditions, along with more stringent and nationally consistent regulations.
The major markets in the industry are expected to continue changing over the next few years, with a general trend away from manufacturing.
Although WHS services are also required in an office environment, they tend to be less comprehensive than in heavy industries and manufacturing.

New Small Business
This area of study is suitable for those establishing a small business.
Our course includes a range of units to help to provide individuals with skills and knowledge which would assist them in their new small business.
The course can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs and the requirements of their own small business.