Foundation Skills are the core competencies we all need in our work and daily lives.

These include:

  • Language, literacy and numeracy skills (LLN)
  • Work skills, such as collaboration, self management, problem solving, learning and digital literacy.

Industry and employer groups have identified the need for better foundation skills for Vocational; Education and Training (VET) learners and graduates. From the basic to the specialised, foundation skills underpin the successful achievement of vocational competencies at all levels.

Anyone can have difficulty with foundations skills – especially in a new and challenging environment. The Foundation Skills Training Package (FSK) has been developed to provide more support and deliver better outcomes for learners and trainers alike.

Foundation Skills qualifications are designed to provide the foundation skills required for entry-level vocational training and employment.
Target learners include those outside the workforce, as well as existing workers requiring core skills development to further their vocational training.

AWT offers two qualifications from the  Foundation Skills Training Package:

  • FSK10119 Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways
  • FSK10219 Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways
  • FSK20119 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

Each qualification comprises a range of core and elective units of competency in learning, numeracy, reading, writing, oral communication and digital technology. Catering for a wide range of skills levels the units are aligned with the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF), from pre-level 1 to 5. The selection of FSK units should be driven by the needs of the learner and the requirement of the planned vocational outcome.

The FSK is designed to be used in conjunction with other training packages, and has the flexibility to be used in a wide variety of contexts.

Delivering better outcomes for learner, trainers and employers:

  • Focusing attention on the core skills required for vocational competency in supporting the development needs of all learners
  • Enabling more vocational trainers and RTOs to create programs that integrate foundation skills
  • Prioritising the vocational goals of learners alongside the skilling demands of employers and industry.

The above information has been extracted from the Innovation and Business Skills Australia’s – Building strong foundations for training and work FSK Foundation Skills Training Package brochure.