Regardless of what is grown, produced, imported or retailed, the goods need to get from point A to point B. Together with the Road Transport industry, this is the job of the Logistics worker and the Warehouse Operations worker. They are, basically, two sides of the same coin – one works in the office, the other on the warehouse floor – however, there is a certain amount of cross over in duties and skills.

The Warehousing and Logistics industry is currently a huge growth industry – over the past 5 years it has seen at least at 10% growth, and the forecast for the next 10 years is an increased growth on this. If you are thinking of entering this sector, consider that in South Australia this is an ageing population – over 10% of employees in this sector are over 55 and just over a third are over 45 – this means that there are going to be employment opportunities over the next few years.

Australian Workplace Training delivers a number of qualifications in both sectors starting at a Certificate I through to a Certificate IV.